Lizzo settles songwriting row

Lizzo has reached a settlement over the songwriting credits for ‘Truth Hurts’.

The ‘Good As Hell’ hitmaker has been locked in a legal battle over the track since 2019 after she was accused of lifting the “melody, lyrics and chords” from a demo titled ‘Healthy’, including one of its most famous lines, “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that b****.”

Lizzo denied the allegations and sued brothers Justin and Jeremiah Raisen and Justin ‘Yves’ Rothman over their claims, seeking a “judicial declaration” that the trio “did not co-author” the song and as such “have no right to co-own that work or to share in its profits.”

The writers subsequently countersued Lizzo. Speaking in September, he said: “I was actually talking to Lizzo a few weeks ago [about this]. I feel that it’s definitely going to happen. “It’s going to be a banger bop, everyone’s going to love it and [Radio 1 is] going to play it three billion times.”

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