The growth of Latin music in the U.S.

Latin music is more present than ever in the country with a renaissance of artists, mixes, sounds and cultures from all regions of the continent being showcased through songs.  The global phenomenon of streaming accelerated the growth of Latin music on digital platforms, which also opened the field to urban styles such as trap and reggaeton.
While the resurgent Latin music is now well recognized, audiences often fail to understand how and why this music category is becoming increasingly popular. According to a report by DiMA, a leading digital music advocacy organization, the musical growth is not simply due to more Latinos identifying as such in the U.S. but is also about sound, technological advances, a new format that allows instant access that defies borders and a collaborative mindset that coincides with a music moment.
According to the organization’s most recent research, approximately 40% of Latin music fans do not identify themselves as being of Latin, Hispanic or Spanish origin.

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