We Will Not Let the Bigots Win

As incidents of voter suppression continue to crop up all over the country, the staff, members, and volunteers of the NAACP are even more determined in our resolve to turn out a record number of Black voters on November 6th.

And we have to be. Our jobs, our education, our healthcare, our ability to walk around innocently without getting arrested or killed all depend on who’s representing us in seats of power.

The NAACP’s aggressive organizing initiative to get Black voters registered and to the polls this year is having success in battleground states across the country. In Ohio, for example, we surpassed our voter registration goal by 2,000 people.

But there are more voters to contact and get to the polls between now and Election Day, and our organizing teams are depending on supporters like you to have their backs. Can they count on a generous donation from you today?

The bigots. The racists. The sexists. All of these kinds of people vote, and if too many of us stay home, these are the people who will make decisions that impact our lives.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want this to be the outcome.

So please, support the NAACP and help ensure that our organizing teams have what they need to keep fighting and get voters of color to the polls.

Yours in service,

Tracy Maxwell Heard
Life Member



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