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Our mission as a Community Based Radio Initiative

Our mission as a Community Based Radio Initiative (CBRI) is to participate in and reflect the diversity of our community by presenting an educational/entertaining broadcast program service for meeting the specific needs of the community in Ventura County, California and on the Central Coast.

Our programming addresses the educational, informational, cultural, economic advancement, and entertainment needs which have been neglected by commercial broadcasters. Our intended content will be produced to provide uplifting programming that focuses on the relevant topics previously mentioned.

We are committed to ensure that through our collective actions and within the guidelines of the format of stations impacted by CBRI, we shall:

Serve as a community development and empowerment radio station providing a reliable multi-platform media communications outlet for the community of Oxnard, Ventura County, the Central Coast, and surrounding broadcast areas. We will inform our listeners daily of the significant issues facing them, to contribute to the development of a community capable of confronting and resolving these issues more effectively and providing a forum for citizens of the community to express their views and opinions. Educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of all of our listeners by presenting the significant and more diverse array of content in the fields of music, the arts, and ideas in an appealing, professional way that will encourage new insights to life, people, and relationships in our changing region.

Community Based Radio is the cultural heart-beat of our diverse listeners !

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