Positive Works With Freda Ramey

Positive Works is a community-centric show on KJBU, designed to help fulfill the station’s purpose to serve as a vehicle for the Community Advocacy Coalition.

The CAC’s mission is to stir individuals, families and communities to action toward better quality of living by engaging, informing, educating, motivating, inspiring and empowering audiences toward positive change and with a special focus on the most marginalized.

Hence, comes the name, Positive Works where our objective is to look behind the scenes throughout our communities to discover and spotlight individuals and organizations applying skills, knowledge and efforts to create positive change.

We cover a broad scope of subjects – health, education, finance, family, social/psychological concerns, veterans affairs and more.

The show is supported by sponsorships arranged through CAC administration: Call, text or email host, Freda Ramey, to inquire and initiate the sponsorship process: 805 216 5422, freram01@gmail.com

The show airs twice monthly; Freda welcomes inquiries and/or program feedback and ideas.

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